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The Trex All Weather Cornhole Boards are a revolutionary new product that is changing the cornhole industry as we know it. That being said you might have a few questions about these boards. We put together a list of some of our most frequently asked questions for you to refer to. 

Q: How do the All Weather Cornhole Boards compare to an average tournament style cornhole board? 

A: The All Weather Cornhole Boards have all of the same sizes and specs as an official tournament style cornhole board, aside from the fact the All Weather Boards are lighter in weight.

These boards meet the requirements of the 3 main professional cornhole organizations. As far as playing on the boards, these boards play just like most tournament style cornhole boards. 

Q: What type of weather conditions can these boards endure? 

A: These cornhole boards are made of combination materials that do not absorb moisture like a wood based board would. Meaning these boards can endure any type of rain, sleet, snow or other water based elements with no problems.

Q: Can I leave my All Weather Cornhole Boards outside year round?

A: Yes. Your All Weather Cornhole Boards can be left outside with no problem when it comes to any water based elements. That being said, we cannot guarantee that your board will not get dirty or be effected by any outside circumstances other than the weather. 

Q: Do these boards come with Cornhole Bags? What kind?

A: Yes all purchases of the Trex All Weather Cornhole Boards include a full set of cornhole bags. A set includes 8 total bags, 4 of each color. Each set comes with All Weather Resin-Filled Cornhole Bags. 

Q: Are the tops of these Cornhole Boards finished? 

A: No. The materials used to make this board provide an optimal slide when playing the game of cornhole. Adding poly or other substances to finish the board can affect gameplay during changes in temperature and weather. That being said customers can feel free to finish their boards at their own discretion. 

Q: Are there more Cornhole Board designs available than what is shown? Can you do custom?

A: The board top designs you see on the site are the only available designs as of this moment. That being said we are always adding new and improved designs. 

As far as customizing your All Weather Cornhole Board goes, this is not currently an option. Please take a look at our stock signature designs and see if you can find something you like.